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"Hearing well could turn your life around."

Hearing is not only an issue for the elderly.  Hearing is a health and a quality of life issue.  Hearing loss is often called the invisible handicap yet the impact on quality of life can be profound.  The gradual nature of most hearing loss makes it easy to ignore until it begins to have a major impact on your life.

The first step to improving your hearing is to have a thorough hearing evaluation by a competent hearing care professional.

At A1 Hearing we strive to help people to hear and communicate better by providing innovative hearing solutions.

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"For those requiring hearing aids, anxious to get the best aids, I suggest you consult Trish and Clare at A1 Hearing in Papatoetoe. Some years ago, finding communicating with patients face to face or on the telephone more and more difficult because of my hearing loss, with A1 Hearing's dedication, professional analysis and follow-up service, I've enjoyed good results. As a result of the foregoing, I am pleased to make this unsolicited recommendation for their service."
W.Brian Wilson. D.O.(UK) - Principal Papakura Osteopaths

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